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interfering with peaceful delusion is presented during the TIFF (Poland)

Dear Sir or Madame,

I write to inform you that the book "interfering with peaceful delusion" by Céline Marique and Daniel Piaggio Strandlund was selected by Hester Keijser for the exhibition show during TIFF International Photography Festival, November 8 - 30th, Wroclaw, Poland.

We invited three independent curators : Andrew Phelps, Hester Keijser and Marc Feustel to make the selection of 60 books for the Section of Publications. All the books will be presented with curator’s commentary and information about the artists. The aim of this section is to introduce in Poland valuable photo-books that are effects of artistic creation and are often independently published or produced.

Hester Keijser (1967, NL) is a freelance curator, specializing in contemporary photography. She currently works as the creative director of East Wing, an international platform for photography, founded in Doha, Qatar. In addition, she offers a consulting service to photographers from Europe and the Middle East on managing, editing, and designing book productions. Since 2006, she has edited and published the widely read photo blog Mrs. Deane. Together with Joerg Colberg, Hester runs The Independent Photo Book blog, a popular free distribution platform directly connecting makers and collectors of limited edition photo books.

Regarding the book presentation I would like to ask if you have a display copy that can be used for the show or who can be contacted in this matter ?

There will be also a small bookstore open in the Festival’s centre and we can sell the book if there are any copies available. However we can only sell it under commissioned sales agreement and all unsold copies will be returned to the authors/publishers after the end of the Festival.

I would be glad to respond to all the questions regarding the festival and Section of Publications.

Yours Sincerly,

Franciszek Ammer

—  Franciszek Ammer Section of Publications Coordinator | (+48)783-081-091 | f.ammer@tiff.wroc.pl

TIFF - International Photography Festival 26.10 - 30.11 2012, Wroclaw


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