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Giancarlo Pazzanese is a first generation born son from an Italian immigrant who came from Napoli to Santiago de Chile in the late 50’s. GP was a foreign exchange student in Iowa, USA when he was 15 years old. During 1994 – 1998 he studied in the Arts School of the Catholic University in Santiago, Chile. Since then he is active both as visual artist and art producer.

He worked 2 years for the FAO-UN headquarters in Santiago until the end of 2002. During this time he organized exhibition projects and produced video and installation pieces that were stored in a digital web-archive called “18cm” (www.18cm.nl).

In late 2002 he relocates to Amsterdam. From there, he starts to implement an artist organization called Eye Witness (www.testigoocular.org) whose first project was the creation of an artist in residence project that took place during June and September 2005 in the city of Rotterdam. Together with this residence experience he organized a group show on Chilean art called Pirate Art : Truly, Truly False ! that was exhibited in September 2005 in the artists space Het Wilde Weten and later part of these works were exhibited in at TENT Center for the Arts in Rotterdam. After that, he settles back in Amsterdam where he lives and works as visual artist and independent curator since February 2006.

Since then Giancarlo is actively working as visual artist and freelance curator and is in constant collaboration with the Chilean Embassy in The Hague and other institutions such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Chile and the curators program Het Proces from Kunstenaars & Co in The Netherlands. He also works as consultant for communication agencies in the development of social marketing campaigns related to culture, health and migration.


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